Wedding Showreel 2014

A Dream of Aces - If asked what my favourite card routine is then this is the one. Ever since I saw David Copperfield perform his version which is called 'Grandpa's Aces, I've enjoyed to both watch and perform this particular piece of card magic. I hope that you enjoy watching.

Confabulation - This 'packet trick' (a trick that uses only a small number of playing cards instead of the deck) is a regular worker of mine when performing at tables. It never fails to amaze the watching audience as the cards mysteriously change while under extremely close scrutiny. I'm frequently asked if 'trick cards' are used and the answer is a definite 'NO'. All of the cards can be freely handled and inspected by the audience after the performance.

American Economy - A take on the classic multiplying coins routine. I'm using antique Morgan Silver Dollars and a Baffle Box from Five of Hearts. I hope that you enjoy watching.

The Gypsy ThreadThe effect is commonly referred to as the Gypsy Thread and was first introduced into the literature of magic in 1584 by Prevost and ever since, magicians, and their audience have been fascinated and enchanted by the profound concept.

The Hopping Coins - The classic coins in hand routine with a nice short storyline.

Presto Printo - a bit of fun with an old trick that hadn't seen daylight for a good number of years. This was once in my working repertoire many years ago.