What people say AFTER the wedding day

  • 72% of brides said that they would spend more time choosing their reception entertainment
  • Almost 100% said that they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment
  • 78% of brides said that they would have made the entertainment their highest priority
  • 81% of guests said the one thing they remembered most about the reception was the entertainment

All figures quoted from Bella

The perfect way to entertain your wedding guests

There are many ways in which David can help you to make your wedding reception a truly memorable occasion.

During that sometimes awkward period between the wedding ceremony and the arrival of the bride and groom at the reception, during the photographs and other post wedding activities, David can provide award winning magic to entertain your guests and serve as an ice-breaker to get your reception started.

David can also provide you and your guests with close-up entertainment at their table after the wedding breakfast, allowing time for the meal to settle before you hit the dance floor.

Why leave one of the most important days of your life to chance?

Contact David to discuss your specific requirements as part of your wedding plan.

Table magic

Close-up magic performed at tables is David's speciality and his skills won him the title of British Isles Close-up Magician of the Year for 2009. It is considered by many magicians to be one of the most skilful forms of magic and the great David Copperfield referred to close-up magic as being the purest form of magic.

It's a close-up and personal performance where the magic literally happens right under your nose. The table hopping magician has skilful sleight of hand in addition to 'top notch' presentation skills which can only be gained through years of experience.

Table hopping is idealy suited to wedding receptions and parties with half a dozen or more tables. The magician 'hops' from table to table performing a variety of short magic routines. The key benefits are:

  • Personal 'close-up' performances
  • Lots of interaction with the audience
  • Suited to cards, coins, vanishes and other small scale magic effects that happen in the hand
  • Suitable for functions of any size over a duration of several hours
  • Ideal as pre-dinner and after dinner entertainment

Strolling magic


David's strolling magic is suitable for a wide variety of situations and can be used as an effective way of introducing people to one another through magic routines that rely on audience interaction and participation.  This style of magic is also performed at close quarters  and is extremely visual.  

From entertaining your guests as they arrive at the reception and while wedding photo's are being taken, strolling magic is an effective way of keeping your guests amused and occupied. Key benefits include:

  • Suitable for medium to large formal gatherings
  • Close up performance with lots of audience interaction
  • Also suited to larger scale magic effects
  • Shorter performance typically ranging from 60-90 minutes duration
  • Can be combined with table-hopping as part of a package to suit most needs